Phantom Wallet - A friendly Solana wallet built for DeFi & NFTs

Innovative in design the Fantom wallet is a real breath of fresh air when it comes to both its look, design, and functionality. I first discovered Fantom when searching for a metal wallet with a quick mechanism to access cards. Quick access slots have been a big part of modern-day leather wallets but it quickly becomes harder to implement in a metal wallet. The Fantom solves this with an awesome range of quick access features from metal crafted to provide better access to a button that automatically fans your cards in a clever way.
Fantom first came onto the scene in 2014 when a bunch of Canadian mechanical engineers came together to design a unique product with added value. Their success has mainly been thanks to their four successful Kickstarter (crowdfunding) campaigns and have quickly become a major player in the wallet world.
A Phantom wallet account can be created by following these steps: 1. Go to the Phantom website and click on the ‘Create a Wallet’ button.
The Fantom wallet really shines with its utility. All to often minimalist wallets of this size like to sacrifice size for the sake of storage and features. Although a slim wallet like this will never have the capacity of a traditional bi-fold Fantom has done an amazing job of working around the smaller size to make something truly functional.
The first thing we have to mention is the Fantom’s main feature – the way you access your cards. Using a thumb lever the wallet is designed for one-hand operation. With a simple pull, you card cascade – or fan – your cards out in an even fashion allowing for quick and easy access to any card you like in any effortless motion.
The Fantom wallet comes in a range of different sizing options to accommodate the number of cards you roughly carry with you on a daily basis. The smallest size – the Fantom 7 – has a capacity between 4 – 7 with each other option slowly increasing incapacity (Fnatom 10 is 6 – 10 cards and the Fantom 13 is 8 – 13 cards).
RFID Functionality is a must with any wallet and the Fantom do us proud by providing it standard with every wallet. For those who don’t know RFID security is there to prevent you from wallets credit/debit cards from being subject to contactless fraud. RFID protects your wallet’s belongings by acting as a shield. Unless you take your card out to use it should be safe within the Factom wallet.
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